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Points to remember when choosing a cleaning method: 

Firstly check with the carpet manufacturer or supplier about recommended cleaning instructions, secondly compare methods that give deep cleansing and leave little or no residue to attract rapid re-soiling. 

Hot water extraction or steam cleaning
Hot water, with or without a detergent, is sprayed under pressure into the carpet; this dissolves stains and dislodges dirt and grit from deep in the pile to be extracted by powerful vacuum. Leaving a cleaner, fresher and more hygienic carpet. This method is recommended by most carpet manufacturers and is the only one that can boast a 'deep pile' clean.

Shampoo vacuum
Detergent type foam is applied by agitator or rotary brush, which ‘rakes’ the foam through the carpet pile. Once dry it is vacuumed, usually leaving residue deep in the pile.

Dry cleaning method
A rotary or oscillating brush is used to apply a solution of detergent and solvent with little or no water to the carpet. The mix is removed either by vacuuming or
by clean pads, which are ‘buffed’ over the pile to attract surface residue.

There are many carpet cleaning methods, to find the best for you, please take
a look at the links page for advice

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