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The post cleaning care guide

Once your carpet has been cleaned it is at its most vulnerable to re-staining or soiling, this is due to hot water opening the fibres of the pile. So for best results please ensure you follow a few simple guidelines.

Allow as much cross breeze ventilation as possible i.e. opening all doors
and windows to create a natural airflow across the carpet.

Air conditioning should be set on cool with fan set to high, to promote air circulation and extraction of added moisture.

Keep off freshly cleaned areas as much as reasonably possible. Fibres are
now more susceptible to re-staining and pile compression until completely dry.

Keep all timber furniture off carpet until completely dry.

Do not replace any rugs or other floor coverings until carpet is completely dry,
to avoid ‘sweating’ and colour run.

Place old towels on main transition areas between hard surfaces and carpet,
to wipe feet, avoid slipping and more importantly re-soiling or staining
the carpet.

If you have had upholstery steam cleaned make sure that the drying cushions
are turned periodically to ensure an even dry. 

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air circulation

'keep all timber
furniture off
carpet until
completely dry'

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