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Vacuum carpet regularly, at least once a week, with a good multi-filter vacuum.
This will remove most surface dirt and grit, which becomes abrasive to your carpet pile, especially on the main traffic areas.

Spot cleaning. When staining occurs immediate attention is needed. Refer to the Carpet Institute of Australia’s 'How to select and care for your carpet' for the most common stains. For wool floor coverings refer also to ‘Wools of Australia’ for further advice.

Vary your furniture layout to alter the natural flow of traffic over your carpet to spread the wear and tear.

Regular cleaning of surrounding hard surfaces, especially indoor / outdoor tiled areas, will reduce the level of walked in dirt.

Furniture pads or cups are recommended for heavy pieces to reduce deep indentations, pile compression and furniture stain transfer.

Place rugs in high traffic areas and doorways to reduce wear and soiling.

Consider buying an extra few metres of carpet for repairing heavily soiled areas, such as stairs. 

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regular cleaning
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